What We Do

Current Analytics is a systems integration company specializing in Enterprise Energy and Environmental Management (EEM). We provide building owner-operators with the ability to monitor and control their use of electricity, water, and natural gas across all of their buildings and core business processes. Our clients benefit by operating a more efficient organization with lowered energy costs, decreased operational and maintenance expenses, increased staff productivity, a smaller carbon footprint, and accurate data for their sustainability report card.

Integration through the Cisco Network Building Mediator
We perform the analysis, design, and systems integration for the complete range of your energy and resource-using systems. These include disparate building automation systems (BAS) as well as data from production areas, weather, utilities, meters, and devices.

The Cisco Network Building Mediator is used to integrate disparate systems. The Mediator is an award-winning intelligent router that securely extends the TCP-IP network into building systems. It utilizes open protocols, connects to most proprietary building systems, and provides XML and web services connections to 3rd party applications. With over ten years of experience performing Mediator integrations, our team is knowledgeable and equipped to perform even the most complex integrations.

Monitoring and control through custom green screens and dashboards
Following integration, we provide you with custom green screens and dashboards that deliver actionable insight for the defined roles and responsibilities in your organization. Each defined view — Executive, Manager, Engineer or Custom — displays the right information required to make informed decisions and track performance. With another ten years experience in custom software development, we are well-versed in the nuances of effective information design.

Optimization of energy and resource use
After the EEM architecture is deployed, you are able to optimize energy and resource performance across your enterprise via:

  • Automated Demand Response (ADR)
  • Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics (AFDD)
  • Continuous Commissioning
Current Analytics System Architecture

Current Analytics integrates disparate systems, deploys custom green screens and dashboards, and optimizes energy and resource use via a secure, scalable system architecture.

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