Current Analytics is a C Corporation founded in February 2009 and headquartered in Santa Barbara, California. It is a systems integration company specializing in Enterprise Energy and Environmental Management (EEM).

The mission of Current Analytics is to help our clients use dramatically less energy and resources in their business operations.

Our mission is important because, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, a glaring 30% of energy used in buildings is wasted.

Furthermore, the combined percentage of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions generated by commercial buildings and industrial facilities is 45%, making it the single greatest contributor to climate change. To put this waste in perspective, a 20% reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions equates to $40 billion in energy savings and the equivalent of 60 million vehicles in the U.S. alone.

Current Analytics’ three-point philosophy guides our vision, actions, and commitments:

  1. We can only improve what we measure.
  2. We are wise to be efficient.
  3. We sink or swim together.

1) We can only improve what we measure.
The single greatest factor that contributes to more than a third of all energy waste within buildings is the fact that until now, it hasn’t been cost effective to measure actual energy usage. With Current Analytics, our clients can cost-effectively measure and control actual energy expenditures within their entire real estate portfolio from a web browser. We target energy savings of 20% or better for your organization with a payback on the initial investment within eighteen to twenty-four months. Additional savings occur from improved staff productivity, reduced maintenance and capital costs, and accurate data for your tax credits.

2) We are wise to be efficient.
Leading organizations are proactive to change. Wise leaders assess data and make prudent investments today that pay dividends over the long run. There is still much popular debate today on the impact of man-made climate change on our small planet, but one thing is certain: it is always wise to be efficient and to make the most of finite resources. Nature is efficient. Nothing is wasted. Everything is made useful in service to everything else. At Current Analytics, we believe that we should do the same. We seek to operate with balanced efficiency to keep our costs low and bring more benefit to our clients. And by helping our clients be more efficient, we reduce global inefficiencies, making the most of our collective resources.

3) We sink or swim together.
Over the long term, it is impossible for one of us to be successful at the expense of the rest. We play a small role in a much larger ecosystem. By helping the entire ecosystem, we are uplifted too. We seek to play our part by providing accurate energy measurements and robust controls, by striving for wise efficiency, and by being honest and accountable in all of our interactions. Our belief is that if we can help our clients be more efficient and productive, our clients can use that increased efficiency and productivity to contribute back to the ecosystem too. We each have a part to play. Let’s play!

CiscoCurrent Analytics is a Cisco Certified Technology Partner and works closely with its Connected Real Estate (CRE) division as a cloud computing application services provider for web-based enterprise energy management.

Team Co-opCurrent Analytics is also a contributing member of Team Co-op, a cooperative energy management solutions group.

Energy StarCurrent Analytics believes businesses benefit financially by continually improving their management of energy resources, and the environment benefits from reduced levels of related pollution. We are proud to offer services and products that can assist businesses who have committed to the goals of ENERGY STAR.

The Current Analytics team is a talented crew of technology, building automation and energy veterans with years of experience combining all three domains.

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